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#Who we are?

Key Koncepts is a tech startup from Ahmedabad, the land of enterpreneurs in India.

We are an experienced, enthusiastic and expert team consisting of individuals who exclusively work to help you in exploring new pathways of how Internet can change the way what you have been doing. Our aim is to make IT/internet work for the betterment of your business or individual needs by providing customised, innovative and cost effective IT solutions.

We develop innovative IT solutions to promote and expand your business potential. We collaborate with people who are interested in taking their business online and help them to build their online business portfolio. We work with them to develop customized web based solutions for managing customer data, content, documents and also offer our expert services of designing, data maintainance as well as promotional activities.

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#What We Do?

# Who should have a Website?

In today’s world where people use internet to get information about anything and everything, having a website makes sense to anyone who runs any kind of business, consultancy, or educational classes or is an individual freelancer who earns by providing skill specific services. Get a website for your business or for yourself if you come under any one of the below mentioned criteria:

  • Boutique
  • Catering
  • Event Management
  • Furniture
  • Hotel
  • Import/Export
  • Reality
  • Restaurant
  • Competitive Exams
  • Dance
  • Overseas Education
  • Personality Development
  • Pre-schools
  • Schools
  • Tuition
  • Yoga
  • Dietician
  • Doctor
  • Financial Advisor
  • Insurance Advisor
  • Legal Advisor
  • Match Maker
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Visa/Immigration Consultants
  • Choreographer
  • DJ
  • Fashion Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Model
  • Personal Trainer
  • Photographer
  • Wedding Planner
  • Actor
  • Anchor
  • Musician
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Singer
  • Standup Comedian
  • Writer
  • # Why you should have a Website?

    Remember It’s an world and the whole world is going .

    We can help you in getting online and in exploring new ways of how internet can change the way of doing things which you have been doing all along. Having a dedicated website for yourself or your business not only just increases the overall brand value but it also increases the scope and reach of your work as well as opens up a whole new source of revenue generation through online internet platform. Mentioned below are some of the key benefits that a website provides.

    • Website: Just as you have a Visiting Card to promote your business, your Website acts as your Online visiting card.
    • Scope and Reach: Having a Website increases the Scope and Reach of your work.
    • Exposure: A Website provides better online exposure and a new platform to promote what you do.
    • Inquiries: A Website helps in generating online inquiries for your business.
    • Revenue: Having a Website creates a whole new source of revenue for your business.
    • Display: A Website gives you a complete new platform to display your Products or Services. Your website can be visited through any internet connected device (computers/tablets/smart phones).
    • Networking: Having a Website provides a new medium to connect with new people as they can get in touch with you as your contact details (mobile number, landline number, email) can be viewed easily.
    • Brand: A dedicated Website for your business or for yourself enhances your overall Brand value
    • Content: As you have your stuff (content, images, documents) on internet, it is available anytime, anywhere and it makes download and display very easy task.
    • Feel: A website is a better client interaction and response platform and your users can get a better feel about what you do and how you do it.

    #Basic Website Features

    #Our Clientele

    Jinee Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,

    The Serenity Library & Botanical Garden, Ahmedabad

    Narayankrupa Tenstones Pvt. Ltd.,

    #Demo Templates

    We provide you a range of templates to select a website theme according to your needs with multiple color and graphic options. Just have alook at some of our demo templates.

    Business Template


    Restaurant Template


    School Template


    Modelling Template


    Personal Template


    Hobby Template


    #Contact Us

    If you have any query or need IT consultancy for any project, please feel free to contact us. If you wish to be a part of any of our ongoing or upcoming projects or you wish to take up a training or internship with us, please send us your CV and a briefing on what you wish to do.

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    Get Your Website Now @ Just Rs. 4999/- Only.

    Domain Name + Hosting Space + Website Development + SEO Friendly Site + Website Maintenance

    Call : +91-8160503890